Bogotá City
Cosmopolitan Bogotá, widely recognized as the iberoamerican arts and culture centre, has hundreds of museums, art galleries, theaters, libraries and monuments, which can be found in the historical district, La Candelaria
Bucaramanga City
Bucaramanga has many interesting places for tourist, such as the Catedral de la Sagrada Familia and the Capilla de Los Dolores, which is the oldest temple of the city and is an amazing sample of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Colombia.
Cali City
Cali is famous all over the world due to its music and the “Salsa”, a dance full of energy and speed that you could enjoy and practice in this wonderful city of Colombia.
Cartagena City
Guajira City
La Guajira is the closest place to the north of Colombia. Mainly made of desert, this region extends until the border with Venezuela and is surrounded with awesome beaches which lead to the Caribbean.
Medellin City
Medellín is a vibrant city, innovative and with many things to do, perfect for spending a great weekend.
San Andres islands
One of the best beaches in Colombia, here you can walk through the green mountains or ride bicycles through shore paths of the island. Or, you could simply relax on one of the many beaches. Live in an environment rich in culture, gastronomy and matchless moments.
Santa Marta City
Santa Marta is one of the most popular places to travel in Colombia, its beautiful beaches and natural attractions makes it one of the best options for enjoying in family or with friends, spectacular tours and close tourist attractions make it possible to organize short and long duration trips.